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I'm Macy Mitchell and I grew up in Willard, Missouri. I lived humbly as I watched my folks build a business from the ground up, achieving the American dream.

The adversity my family confronted drove me to, not only be successful academically, but also to break athletic records, which paid my way through college. I won a national championship in track and field, and was inducted into my college's Hall of Fame. By my early 20s, I already had a lifetime of handling personal responsibilities, high pressure situations, leadership opportunities, and though decision making.

I met my wife, a daughter of dairy farmers, at our local Christian college, and we've been together for 19 years. We have three beautiful children - Jett, June and Jaxon.

As a team, we've never been afraid to get our hands dirty and we are determined to impact the world by building a record of public service. This was long before we had any political ambition. We long to live a life of action over words.

Early on, my wife, who was a social worker, and myself, an entrepreneur, quickly saw how private citizens could solve problems better than the government ever could. Now, raising our family in Republic, Missouri, we work to grow our businesses, create jobs, serve our public schools, organize events for our veterans, partner with local farmers, and join nonprofits to do impactful things in our community.

So, what's next?

Like you, I've been awakened by radical people voicing radical ideas that could influence our great state of Missouri. These people have probably never balanced more than their own checkbook, yet they're telling us that more government is the answer.

I'm a steadfast conservative, a dad, a patriot, a long-time business owner, and a proven job creator - and, even though it may not always be popular, I'll fight to protect life, the second amendment, stand with our schools, our farms, our military, our families, and Missouri. I will not compromise our values.

I'm Macy Mitchell and I'm running to be your Missouri State Representative.

I have no interest in being a career politician. The conservatives like us need a voice of our own. Let someone like you, with real-world experience and proven dedication to the community, district, and state, take your voice to Jefferson City.

Missouri, it's time to let your voice be heard!

***I am the ONLY CANDIDATE to be endorsed by BOTH Missouri Right to Life AND the NRA.  I'm also endorsed by Missouri Cattlemen's Association.

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